Deposit Options

In order to start your investments, you need to fund your account. You can make this funding by Bank transfer or Crypto transfer delivery. With either option, investment will always be faster and easier. A commission is not charged unless there is a special case from your investments. As soon as the balance you sent is in our accounts, we immediately define the amount of your deposit to your trading account, so you can immediately see it in the balance and start your transactions.

Wire transfer is also possible for funding. Although this option is a very easy and low cost option, the speed issue varies only depending on your bank and the bank to be sent. Under normal circumstances, a transition to another bank in the same country takes place within the maximum 1-3 hours during business hours. However, in your transfers to different countries, it may take 1 to 7 days for your transfers to arrive. This period is not determined by us. This period proceeds completely in proportion to the transaction speed of the banks.

If you wish, you can chose to fund your account with crypto money transfer to make a faster deposit.

For more information, please contact your consultant or our customer support team.