A stock index is a measurement of the price performance of a group of shares from a particular exchange. Dow Jones, for example, represents the 30 of the US’ biggest publicly owned companies' stocks trading on the USA. Exchange. If those stocks increase in price, Dow Jones goes up. If those stocks decrease in price,Dow Jones goes down.

Indices you can trade on our platform:

  • Dow Jones – Often referred to as simply ‘Wall Street’ this comprises 30 of the US’ biggest publicly owned companies
  • The DAX – Referred to as the ‘Germany 30,’ this index is made up of 30 major German companies
  • NASDAQ 100 –The ‘US Tech 100,’ is a capitalization-weighted index made up of over 100 tech companies in the US
  • Nikkei 225 – Japan’s biggest price-weighted index is comprised of 225 of the country’s biggest companies
  • CAC 40 – Simply referred to as the France 40 this comprises 40 of France’s biggest companies by capitalization