You can easily trade with the crypto coins, below listed, on our platform. Bitcoin It is the most known cryptocurrency using blockchain technology. Users in Bitcoin can make transfers without the need for third parties. Bitcoin is both anonymous and it has a transparent structure. In this way, users can see every transaction they have made. The wallets are open source and open to the contribution and control of the developers. QTUM It is an open source cryptocurrency that uses blockchain infrastructure based in Singapore. Qtum, also known as the merged version of Ethereum and Bitcoin, is a decentralized crypto asset. Ethereum Ethereum, aims the development of blockchain technology and its usage in more fields, is known as a decentralized innovative cryptocurrency. Users information in Ethereum cannot be stored by third parties or used for other purposes. Transactions in Ethereum are scattered and anonymous. Ethereum Classic Ethereum classic, which is the result of a hard fork event, is a public decentralized cryptocurrency unit. Ethereum classic, which emerged with the hard fork experienced in 2016, has made a very rapid rise. Coin Bitcoin Gold It is the cryptocurrency that changes the Proof of Work algorithm of Bitcoin from SHA-256 to EquiHash.BTG, a.k.a Bitcoin Gold, was distributed to Bitcoin owners free of charge. BTG's leading name is Jack Liao, CEO of Lightning ASIC company. Ripple Ripple, a.k.a. XRP, is an open source cryptocurrency. Purpose of ripple is to act as a mediator in traditional currencies exchanges and other cryptocurrencies. Money transfer in Ripple is carried out without the need for 3rd parties. Iota Developed with open source software, IOTA provides secure communication and payment to investors. Instead of using blockchain technology, it uses DAG technology. Lota,is the smallest unit of IOTA. Bitcoin Cash Sat Bitcoin Cash, created on a Bitcoin hard fork in 2017, emerged with the aim of solving scalability problems of Bitcoin holders in their wallets. Bitcoin Cash is given to Bitcoin Owners as much as the amount of Bitcoin found in their wallet. BCH, also based on Blockchain, is based on distributed ledger technology. Streamr Streamr allows you to trade without third parties. Streamr maximizes scalability while minimizing latency. Qash It is known as the first Japanese exchange organized by the Japan Financial Services Agency. Qash's aim is to create a global liquidity platform for investors. Eidoo Eidoo, based in Switzerland, has the ability of investors to manage assets and profit on blockchain. aims to improve their development and investment skills. Eidoo, offers a decentralized experience which enables control of your funds completely in your hands. Neo Neo, is based in Shanghai and known as Chinese Ethereum because it supports dApps and ICOs as well as supporting smart contracts. The reward system called GAS Omisego OmiseGo, launched in the cryptocurrency market in 2017, is a blockchain subbased cryptocurrency unit. OmiseGo, whose total market value is over $ 1 billion, is decentralized and is a scalable cryptocurrency. Zcash Launched in the cryptocurrency market in 2016, Zcash is focused on privacy. From the day it was released Zcash, whose demand has increased continuously since the year, aims to be compatible with all economic sectors. Keeping confidentiality first, Zcash empowers users to keep their personal data under control. Monero Monero, which emerged due to a hard fork in Bytecoin, is a feature that cannot be traced. This feature makes it the most demanded cryptocurrency among altcoins. If you find out the wallet address of someone in the other cryptocurrency units, you can easily observe their transactions. However, this is not the case in Monero. In Monero, which prioritizes privacy, only you can see your actions. Dash Launched in 2014, Dash prioritizes protecting user information and anonymity. Dash, known as the first cryptocurrency with privacy in its center, provides fast data to its users. offers fast data transfer Eos Decentralized Eos, is a cryptocurrency which supports smart contracts, decentralized storage solutions and dApps. Eos owner had the right to vote as much as the Eos token owned in the platform. Coin Litecoin Litecoin, created in 2011, is similar to the working principle of Bitcoin. Litecoin is traded on a decentralized open source blockchain. Litecoin has emerged in order to make money transfers at a very low cost. Iment Santiment With a market value of $ 9.20, Santiment has limited its supply to 63.06 million SAN. ETP ETP is a blockchain project which transfer transactions, can be placed on the market and could be invested. It is a digital asset that can be used as margin. To its investors; ITP offers a safe, traceable and decentralized technology. Yoyow Yoyow is a central cryptocurrency. Yoyow, which aims to reward investors, is known as a blockchain-based reward network. Ent Aventus Aventus, based in London, aims to bring a change to the event tickets market. Aventus, a blockchain-based, deals with ticket sellers allows them to control.